Peace in the Details

People say that the truth is in the details. We adore this concept but discovered something even deeper when applying it to the making of these unique watchcases.

What we revealed is that the truth in our details creates a sense of overall peace for our customers. A calm feeling takes over when you observe how well your opulent watch collection is supported by our seamless combination of contemporary form-follows-function engineering and traditionally inspired Italian craftsmanship.

Engineered Comfort

Our revolutionary hidden magnet cartridge technology is incorporated into the watch roll cartridges – allowing you to lock your timepieces into place within the case without worrying about aligning snaps or fasteners.  Flux lines generated by our revolutionary closed-loop magnet design result in extremely tight magnetic fields – protecting timepieces from magnetization and providing the ultimate in security.  More dependable than a manual snap, this innovative technology protects the integrity of your wristwear by ensuring that nothing shifts in transit and greatly preventing against damage like scratching.


Finishing Touches

We take a great deal of pride in knowing that our products are engineered for use with the most precious watches on earth.  We invite you to put your own personal touch onto your Operandi. Our leather watch rolls are currently available in two, stunning styles.