Gordon Ramsay's Watches - Our Favorites

Did you know about Gordon Ramsay's watches? 

When you think of Gordon Ramsay, the first words that come to mind are probably “famous chef” and “angry TV host.” In reality, most people say that Ramsay is a pretty nice guy who just has very high standards!

Based on that, it’s not surprising that he has an excellent watch collection that includes a lot of very well-thought-out timepieces.

As a watch collector, he's pretty classy. He owns both very luxurious and more functional watches, and he's not afraid to wear them. After all, it's all about timing in a professional kitchen.

You'll spot Gordon Ramsay watches on every one of his shows. He's almost always wearing his trusted favorites, whether when he's on TV or out in public. He proves that some watches never go out of style. 

So which of his watches are our favorites? Check 'em out. 

Rolex Submariner 1680

Gordon Ramsay watch Rolex submarine 1680

Gordon Ramsay is the proud owner of several different Rolex Submariner models. One of the most important ones is the reference 1680, which he has worn several times for various TV shows (in the photo above, he's wearing it on an episode of Hot Ones). The watch was in production for a decade starting in 1967, and it’s often called the “Red Submariner” because of the red lettering on the dial.

Just like any other Submariner, it has a robust build quality and a reliable automatic movement. But, the watch’s unique feature is that it was the first Submariner to feature the cyclops lens on the date window. This makes it highly collectible and, combined with its age, hard to find in good condition.

Breitling Cockpit Chronograph Yellow Dial A30012

If you’ve ever watched a show with Gordon Ramsay in it, chances are you probably have seen this Breitling watch on his wrist. He has owned this watch for a very long time now, and from the numerous television appearances, it is clear that this is one of his favorites. 

This unique watch features a bright yellow dial with black subdials which make it instantly recognizable. This timepiece was released during the 1990s and features a more modest size of 37 mm along with an automatic movement and a unidirectional rotating bezel. You can’t find it easily, but if you manage to get one, it will definitely catch the eye of anyone who spots it.

Omega Seamaster Professional

Gordon Ramsay wearing Omega Seamaster Professional

Despite being a huge collector of Rolex Submariner models, at one point Gordon Ramsay also had room in his collection for some Omega watches - especially around a decade ago while filming Hell's Kitchen. More specifically, he has been spotted several times with an Omega Seamaster Professional on his wrist. 

The Seamaster is the quintessential luxury dive watch and one of the best options for entry-level luxury watches in general. Without spending a fortune, you get a well-made timepiece with a high-end caliber from Omega, which has also been a huge part of the James Bond movies for several years.

Cooking on the Clock

Narrowing it down to just three great Gordon Ramsay watches wasn't easy. We think the takeaway from his watch collection is this: There's no shame in wearing the heck out of your favorite luxury watches. 

When you buy watches that you genuinely like and find useful, they'll always make you feel more ready to attack whatever the day throws at you. Just make sure to take good care of them, for instance, by storing them in an Operandi watch roll. We think Ramsay would like our latest release in Marrone brown leather - it'd go with the brown strap on his Submariner. 

So let this functional collection of watches by the iconic celebrity chef inspire you, and don't forget to keep an eye on the time.