Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch: An Icon In The Making

The Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch is one of the most surprising and intriguing watch releases of 2022. Find out what we think about it in this review. 
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Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch models

The Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch is one of the most surprising and intriguing watch releases of 2022. 


The names Omega and Swatch should be familiar to you if you’re a watch enthusiast. Both brands have avid fans worldwide and have played an important role in watchmaking history. 


On the one hand, we have Omega - one of the most iconic luxury watch brands. It’s often the go-to for people who want an entry-level luxury watch. On the other hand, there’s swatch Swatch, which offers watches with very distinct designs and utilizes plastic in order to make its timepieces very affordable.


So, how did these two brands with such different pricing policies get to collaborate in the first place? Will the Omega X Swatch collaboration be successful? And what are its implications for the world of watches going forward?

If you want the answers to these questions, keep on reading!

What’s the Omega X Swatch Collab All About? 

Omega X Swatch Mission to Mercury

What some buyers don't know is that Omega is a part of the Swatch Group, along with a few other prestigious brands. Following the quartz crisis of the 70s, Swatch’s plastic quartz timepieces were highly successful and made a large profit for the new manufacturer. 

In turn, Swatch acquired some of the more reputable mechanical watch companies, like Omega. This purchase essentially saved Omega from bankruptcy.  

Swatch often collaborates with other brands or individuals to release limited edition watches around a unique theme. When Swatch decided to launch a new collaboration of an iconic timepiece, its ties to Omega made it seem like the perfect fit. Thus, the MoonSwatch was born!

The Omega X Swatch “Moonwatch” is an attempt to replicate the iconic Omega Speedmaster Professional, the first watch that ever went to the Moon. The purpose of the release is to make this iconic part of history more accessible to those who can’t afford the original Moonwatch.

What Watches Are Included in the Collab?

The collaboration includes 11 unique designs of the MoonSwatch, all based on the celestial bodies of our solar system. These are the Sun, all the planets (including Pluto), and of course, the Moon as a tribute to the original Speedmaster Moonwatch.

Apart from the different colors, some models also feature unique design choices. An example is the Mission to Mars, which draws inspiration from the limited edition Speedmaster Alaska Project. Its subdials feature a set of hands in the shape of the Mercury rocket. What’s more, this shape significantly helps with visibility because of the intense vibrations in the rocket.

The only significant differences within the range are aesthetic since the dimensions and specifications are identical for each MoonSwatch. With so many different color combinations, there is definitely a MoonSwatch out there for you!

How Much Will Each MoonSwatch Cost? 

When the first rumors of an Omega X Swatch collaboration emerged, everyone feared that they would be overpriced because of the Omega brand name. However, Swatch decided to release these timepieces with a very affordable  $260 price tag. 

It’s no surprise that this release generated a lot of hype. And where there is hype, there are always opportunities to profit. Everyone wanted to be the first to get their hands on a MoonSwatch. Some were even happy to pay much more than the retail price. 

Thus, many individuals bought a MoonSwatch with the sole purpose of reselling it for multiple times its price. But, once the hype dies down and there’s enough stock again, these will be available for the original $260 price.

Release Timeline 

The official release of the watches was on March 26th. Due to the low initial stock, Swatch distributed them exclusively through select stores and only allowed one watch per customer. This made people queue up in line for hours in order to get their hands on one, and all stock sold out within a few hours. 

Nevertheless, Swatch has stated that these timepieces will not be limited edition or a limited production run. In fact, there will be another drop soon - possibly even within this month - and the watches will eventually be available to purchase online. So, do your wallet a favor and don’t pay above retail for these watches yet!

Why Luxury Watches Lovers Are Paying Attention 

Omega X Swatch Moonwatch Mission to Venus

As with every new watch release, the Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch has divided watch enthusiasts into two camps. Most people agree that it is a fun and affordable way to get their hands on a timepiece with a huge horological history behind it. Some Speedmaster owners will even buy one (or a few) to wear daily, so as to maintain their Speedmaster’s condition.

Of course, there are those who view this collaboration as a negative on Omega’s part. According to them, the collaboration hurts the brand’s and especially the Speedmaster’s reputation by creating an identical but much cheaper plastic watch.

However, we think that these fashionable designs will actually attract new and younger customers who maybe wouldn’t have been so interested in luxury watches otherwise. These young people might invest in an Omega watch once they can afford it. This could be their first step into a serious passion for luxury watches. 

Whether this collaboration will begin a trend of high-end watch brands offering more affordable options for their customers remains to be seen. What's for sure is that the MoonSwatch will be highly collectible in the future, just like every Swatch collaboration. 

Our Exclusive Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch Review 

Let’s now dive deeper and take a more thorough look at the Omega X Swatch “Moonwatch” and whether it’s something you should look to buy.

omega x swatch moonswatch review detail

Design & Build Quality

There’s no mistaking this watch for anything but a Moonwatch. It’s a careful, loving homage to the iconic original. 

The dimensions of the two watches are identical. The only big difference is the weight since the MoonSwatch’s case is plastic. That said, it’s not a simple plastic material, but Swatch’s patented Bioceramic, which is a mix of ⅔ ceramic and ⅓ bio-sourced plastic. This ensures that the Bioceramic MoonSwatch has increased durability and a lightweight, smooth feel. 

The watch has a 30 m water resistance, so you could take it for a shallow swim, but not a dive. It also features an acrylic crystal, just like the original Moonwatch. One small detail we really like is that the battery cap resembles the celestial body that each watch draws inspiration from.


At this price point, it is no surprise that the watch has a quartz movement. It’s an ETA quartz chronograph movement, the ETA G10.212. This means that, unlike most cheaply-made quartz movements, this Swiss-made movement is of very high quality. 

However, just like every other quartz watch, the ticking sound can be a bit loud, especially if you’re in a silent room. The movement utilizes a very common type of battery that you can replace yourself when the time comes, thanks to its dedicated battery cap.


All MoonSwatches come on a velcro strap that is similar to the ones Omega uses on its watches. It’s quite thick, which adds to its durability; however, it can be a bit stiff and needs some break-in before it becomes comfortable. Its thickness also adds some bulkiness to the watch, which might not be ideal for people with smaller wrists.

Thankfully, it’s not complicated to swap the straps yourself. All you need is a good spring bar tool and some patience. Some good strap alternatives for the MoonSwatch are a NATO strap or a colorful rubber strap to match the unique colors of each different model.

Omega X Swatch To The Moon 

omega x swatch moonwatch moon in the sky

The Omega X Swatch collaboration has taken the watch world by storm, and we think it’s totally justified. In fact, this collaboration may have gathered more hype than the brand new Rolex watches for 2022! However, not all the hype surrounding this release was positive. A considerable number of individuals are concerned about the future of Omega and other luxury watch brands if they choose to offer more affordable timepieces.

Nonetheless, we believe that this collaboration is an excellent way for Omega to market itself to younger audiences who could one day be its future buyers. Plus, these watches will probably be highly collectible in the coming years, which should entice some watch collectors to get their hands on one or a few.

Of course, if you want to maintain the watch’s pristine condition, you need to store it properly. This is especially true of the MoonSwatches since their build quality can seem lackluster compared to traditional stainless steel timepieces. Consider picking up an Operandi watch roll to store your precious MoonSwatch collection - our limited-edition Operandi X WTA. collabs may be collector’s items one day, themselves.

So, go out there, enjoy the Omega X Swatch collaboration, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the time!


Photos courtesy of Swatch