Pejman Ghadimi’s World of Luxury Watch Trading

Have you heard about Pejman Ghadimi? If you’re a fan of luxury watches, you may have stumbled across our inspiring friend. 

Also known as PJ or @icreatemillionaires, he is a best-selling author, mentor, and, most importantly, a self-made entrepreneur. The man is an expert at turning his passions into successful businesses - one of these passions being luxury timepieces. 

The future is all about entrepreneurship and the financial independence it can bring. But being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it looks - several factors can make or break the aspiring go-getter. 

In this article, we will take a look at Pejman’s background, as well as his love for watch collecting and trading. You’ll find out why he’s the man to turn to if you want to turn your passion into profit, and why he was the first person we approached when the time came for our first limited edition release. 

Who Is Pejman Ghadimi? 

Pejman Ghadimi driving Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster.

Pejman Ghadimi is an example of success in the face of hardship. He was born in Iran but was raised by his single mother in France for most of his childhood. He moved to the states as a teen. Due to his family’s poor financial situation, Ghadimi developed a sense of resourcefulness early in his life. He chose to forego any formal education and started working odd jobs at a very young age.

He started his professional life working in the banking industry, where he quickly climbed the corporate ladder. He became a Vice President after only four years! A few years down the line, he left the banking industry to create something of his own. 

He has since launched several businesses that, together, have made him a multi-millionaire. He has pioneered several methods of investing in unusual goods, like art, luxury watches, and exotic cars. Most importantly, these methods are accessible even for those who don’t have a ton of money to invest! 

Nowadays, since Pejman has achieved many of his financial goals, he now devotes his time to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and helping them become successful. His enthusiasm for wristwatches has drawn him to the world of watch collecting and trading. That’s what led him to create the Watch Trading Academy, a platform for people who want to learn more about watch trading and investing.

What’s Watch Trading Academy?

Watch Trading Academy is the largest online watch trading platform. Pejman established it in 2013 to educate people on watch trading, investing, and collecting as a form of investment. 

As a watch lover and trader himself, PJ wanted to help people understand that watch trading can be a very lucrative endeavor, with great return on investment and minimal hassle. Not just that, but it’s a way for watch lovers to enjoy timepieces that would otherwise be outside their budget while positioning their money for growth.

The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and other highly respected publications have published findings showing that, over the last 20 years, the watch industry is even outpacing real estate in terms of returns on investment.

So far, Watch Trading Academy has managed to help tens of thousands of individuals discover the beautiful world of luxury watches. It offers step-by-step guidance on what timepieces you should invest in, as well as the whole process of watch trading and what to look out for. It ensures that with proper guidance and minimal capital (as low as $1000), anyone can reap the benefits of the watch market.

PJ’s Tips for Aspiring Watch Collectors

Here are some of the most important tips, from Pejman Ghadimi himself, for anyone who wants to start collecting or trading watches:

Buy from Reputable Sellers

Everyone is afraid of getting scammed or buying a fake watch when it comes to online sales. That’s why you should always look to purchase from sellers who have several excellent reviews and a good reputation. For them, their reputation is paramount, and they will do everything to make the transaction as smooth as possible for you.

Begin with Small Steps and Plan Ahead

Whether you are a watch collector or trader, you should always start small and look to scale up in the future. Looking for more affordable timepieces at first will help you understand the basics and increase your appreciation for the more expensive luxury timepieces. Also, if you’re a trader, it will help you figure out how much you want to scale up to get the profit you want.

Protect Your Timepieces

While you’re meant to wear and enjoy your watches, make sure you keep them safe and secure to the best of your ability. Make sure to store them properly and maintain them in excellent condition. Also, if you’re shipping one of your timepieces, you should use reputable shipping companies with full insurance for your precious timepieces.

Pejman Ghadimi’s Top Investment Watch Brands 

PJ holding an Operandi watch case

There are several luxury watch brands that are good for investing; however, these are the best ones, according to Pejman Ghadimi:

1) Patek Philippe

As the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking, Patek Philippe is an excellent choice for investment. Thanks to its exceptional quality and innovation, as well as its exclusivity, Patek Philippe watches are some of the most sought-after in the market. That’s why its waiting list is enormous, and its timepieces sell for several times their retail price.

Most watch enthusiasts want one of Patek’s sportier timepieces like the Nautilus or the Aquanaut. But according to PJ, watches with green dials will potentially be a hot subject and, therefore, command higher than usual prices. A great example of a Patek watch worth investing in is the Aquanaut 5968G, with its beautiful olive green dial and case made of white gold or the 5980 1R, a classic to be appreciated for years to come.

2) Richard Mille

Richard Mille is a very unique and underrated luxury watch brand. It is well-known for its distinct case shape, technical innovations, and exclusivity, which makes its watches highly desirable. Also, the brand has several partnerships with world-famous athletes and racing drivers. 

While Richard Mille's timepieces are expensive, there are some great options for investing due to their high demand. One such timepiece is the RM 055 Bubba Watson. This rare watch is highly likely to rise in popularity and price thanks to its white ceramic case and very limited production.

3) Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is part of the “Holy Trinity” of luxury watchmakers, along with Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. However, it’s usually overshadowed in popularity and exclusivity by Patek Philippe. Nevertheless, Audemars Piguet watches are fan favorites amongst watch connoisseurs and will always be in high demand.

Watch fans gravitate towards the Royal Oak lineup, which is the brand’s signature model. An excellent AP timepiece to choose as an investment is the Royal Oak Perpetual Yellow Gold. The combination of yellow gold and a perpetual calendar movement make this timepiece very rare and highly coveted.

4) Rolex 

While not in the same price bracket as the other brands on this list, Rolex is still the most popular watch brand in the world. Therefore, most of its timepieces, especially the sportier ones, are highly desirable and usually sell for several times their retail price. 


Sticking with the theme of green dials, PJ picks the Rolex Daytona 116508, also known as the “John Mayer” Daytona. This watch presents an excellent investment option that will only appreciate in value, especially as the watch becomes harder to find or even gets discontinued.

Protect Your Watches Like PJ 

PJ holding the Operandi x WTA Nero Nemesis Watch Roll

Getting into Pejman’s world requires tenacity and resilience. It’s the only way to cope with the demanding nature of entrepreneurship. Regardless of whether you have any formal education or not, as an aspiring entrepreneur, you need to be intelligent and resourceful if you want to succeed. 

We’re constantly awed by what PJ says and does. The man is fearless, so we decided to let his audacity inspire us with a series of collaborations like no other - watch rolls designed after Pejman’s most epic exotic cars, engineered to protect luxury watches. 

Our Operandi X WTA. series of collaborations is an exclusive, limited-edition way of protecting your precious investments. 

We first launched with the Pista Blue, a custom roll modeled after PJ's iconic baby blue tailor-made Ferrari 488 Pista - if you’re lucky, we might still have a few in stock. We’ll follow it up with an ultra-sleek design: the Nero Nemesis, modeled after Pejman’s 1 of 1 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster.

Pay attention so you can catch our next exclusive release, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the time!